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  • ACETECH AC5000 Shooting...
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    ACETECH AC5000 Shooting Speed Tester Upgraded Pixel OLED Range



    *Measures Muzzle Velocity from 30 m/s~400 m/s (90 ft/s~1200 ft/s).

    *ROF range:100~5000RPM

    *Tube diameter : 24mm

    *Tripod Ready mounting hole (Screw for standard camera/camcorder tripods).

    *Use AA battery*2(not included).

    *Support Micro-USB (5V/0.5A) power imput (no battery charge function).

    *Weight: 200g without battery.

    *Size :L x W x H = 117 x 97 x 59 (mm)

    *Since Gas CO2 guns produce smoke, testing of these devices require a distance of more than 10 cm to avoid smoke interference.

    1.Put in 2 AA batteries.

    2. Do not install the used and new batteries at the same time for better device performance, safety and stability.

    3.When device is not used for a longer period, please take out the batteries to pervent device malfunction from battery leakage.

  • XCORTECH X3200 MK3 Ball...
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    XCORTECH X3200 MK3 Ball Bullet Shot Timing Speed Tester Hi-Tech Air Gun Paintball Rangefinder


    Muzzle Veocity range: 10~400MPS

    R.O.F. Range: 100~9999RMP

    Muzzle energy range: 0.01~999 Joule

    Batteries: Operated by 2 x AA Batteries(not included)

    Weight: 205g

    Dimensions: 113 x 83 x 55mm

    Velocity: FPS/MPS

    Fire Rate: Balls per second BPS/BPM

    Pre-set B.B weight v.s. energy(Joule) 0.20g, 0.21g, 0.22g, 0.23g, 0.24g, 0.25g, 0.26g, 0.27g, 0.28g, 0.29g, 0.30g, 0.31g, 0.32g, 0.33g, 0.43g, 0.89g

    Extra large size diameter: 24mm. You can even measure the velocity of paintball

  • ACETECH AC6000 BT Speedometer
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    ACETECH AC6000 BT Speedometer

    • Muzzle velocity measurement range: 90FPS-1200FPS
    • Continuous firing rate measurement range: 100-5000 RPM \r
    • Patented LED lens design for focusing and diffusion.
    • Infrared sensor calculation function, greatly improved accuracy.
    • User-friendly interface for 128 * 128 pixel white OLED.
    • Automatic calculation of maximum, minimum, and average values via snapshot storage
    • Oversize pipe (36 mm dia.)
    • Built-in 18650 lithium battery (18650 battery not included)
    • Tripod mounting holes (screws for standard camera/camcorder tripods)
    * More durable: IR sensor self-calibration and IR sensor calibration in production
    * User-friendly interface: enables the user to select and change ammunition parameters directly from the main screen
    * Safer to use: FCC, CE and RoHS compliant